COSOOS Constant Pressure Breathing Apparatus Oxygen Bottle Diving Equipment

COSOOS Constant Pressure Breathing Apparatus Oxygen Bottle Diving Equipment

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    • 【Large Capacity And Long-lasting Breath】Constant pressure, portable, long-lasting breathing, beginners can also easily dive, compared to other diving snorkels that can only breathe for 10 minutes, this submersible can breathe underwater for 15-20 minutes, don't worry Oxygen is not enough when diving to the bottom of the water.
    • 【Food-grade Breathing Mouthpiece】The upgraded submersible breathable mouthpiece is made of food grade silicone material, which is safe and odorless, soft and durable. The shape of the mouthpiece is ergonomically designed so that you don't feel uncomfortable while diving.(Note: The breather mouthpiece is tightly connected to the breathing valve to prevent air leakage.)
    • 【Double Filtration & High Quality Fluorine Rubber Ring】The pressure relief valve of the upgraded oxygen cylinder is at the top, and it can be easily relieved with moderate force (use note: press the pressure relief drain when you are ready to inhale after entering the water), one-way inflation filter, double filter gas, 0.03 Micron first-stage filtration; polymer secondary filtration. Upgraded scuba is a high-quality fluorine apron, which is more wear-resistant, better sealed, more rigid and res
    • 【Easy to Refill】Specific Refillable Design saves the trouble of taking the device apart to fill your tank.Three kinds of pneumatic manner:1. Manual high-pressure pump pumping, portable, spare, no need for any skill, easy to operate; 2. With scuba adapter, you can easily introduce the gas in the large bottle into the vial; 3. Can be used Electric air pump, during this time you can do other things, about seven minutes to play, save time and effort.
    • 【Multiple Uses】One of the great advantages of the upgraded diving rafts is that they are not limited to specific areas of the dive. Professional diving spare air source; fishermen can carry one out of the fish, ready for the occasion; easy to carry, easy to operate, suitable for diving novices; also a good choice for diving amateurs; firefighters lifeguards can also use it.